Greetings. My name is Matt Schauer and I am the sole-proprietor of NBM Aquatics.

I was born and raised in Central Wisconsin. When I was a child my parents had a pet store focusing primarily on freshwater tropical fish and birds. They had 72 tanks in the store and another half-dozen at home. They left the business when I was 8 but some of the knowledge stuck with me. In ’06 I was given my first tank, a 75 gallon, by a friend whose former roommate had left it behind. At the age of 26 my passion began.

Over the next 5 years I found I was pretty good at breeding, and therefore had to buy more tanks, and more tanks, and more tanks. And the more tanks you have the more fish you want, the more fish you want, the more tanks you need… a never ending cycle. Because it wouldn’t be rational (not that much is when you’re a fish fanatic) to keep all the fry, I began selling on Aquabid.com. I sold some, bought some, met some great people and even managed to make enough money to feed my fish.

And now, with the help and hard work of Mr. Frank Falcone, I have the opportunity to pursue my dream on a large scale. After 55 years in the hobby, Frank has decided to slow down a wee bit and cease operating the commercial side of his fish room. His decision to reduce the species and strains that he wants to keep has afforded me a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to acquire large amounts of high-quality breeding stock to help me hit the ground running.

Frank has always prided himself on striving to provide his customers with the best specimens that money could buy. His feedback rating on AquaBid.com, which is just a few transactions shy of an even 1000 clearly demonstrates that he has more than met that commitment. I want to assure you that I will work diligently to live up to the ethos that Frank has fostered throughout his more than half-century of dedication to be a driving force in a hobby that we both love. Your complete satisfaction is my utmost concern. My love for the hobby is deep and I am looking forward to increasing my knowledge and the number of interesting species that I can keep – all in an effort to create a marketplace where you can obtain fish of uncompromising quality backed up by a caring and knowledgable fish keeper’s concern for your happiness.

I realize that there are numerous places where you can obtain tropical fish. Because of that I know that I must work harder to gain your trust and even harder to keep it. I assure you that each day I will focus on my goals and my responsibility to you. I will always listen to your concerns and suggestions. I will always try to help you maintain your fish in optimum heath. If you have any questions abut any species, I will endeavor to assist you to the best of my ability. If I am unable to address your question personally, I will make every effort to point you to someone who can help you. This promise holds true whether you obtained your fish from me or someplace else.

If you are looking to establish a relationship with a business that has set its goal to be one of the premier Internet sources of tropical fish, then you have certainly come to the right place.

OK. I know you are asking yourself about the NBM in the name of my business. NBM stand for Na-bob-mob.

Nabob: (n) A rich powerful or important man; a small Town in Central Wisconsin.

Mob: (n) a large and disorderly crowd.

“Nabob” was the “settlement” I grew up in. A church, a tavern, two dozen people and some really bored kids. We became “The Mob”.

Welcome to NBM Aquatics. Welcome to “The Mob.” – Matt Schauer

Mobfish Design