Our Guarantee


It is extremely important to do your research before acquiring any new livestock. If you have questions about species compatibility, water parameters or specific requirements, feel free to use our CONTACT FORM to ask any questions that you may have.

I pledge to ship you healthy, high-quality, meticulously cared for specimens. All of our fish are purged for 24 hours before being personally inspected by me and prepared for shipment using only the most rigorous packaging techniques. Our shipping containers are corrugated and utilize extra-thick styrofoam inserts. Heat packs are provided at no cost.
I would never, under any circumstances, ship you a fish that I was not proud of or that I would not be happy to receive if I were the purchaser.
Please understand that we have no way of knowing the level of your fish keeping skills, your maintenance regimen or the over-all conditions of your water or aquaria.

We ship you vigorous, healthy stock and we supply you with all of our water parameters and suggested acclimation procedures before we ship your fish. Surely you can understand that once they reach you alive and in good health we cannot take any responsibility for what transpires after the fish are transferred to your tanks.

Unfortunately, shipping charges cannot be refunded.

I thank you for your interest and I look forward to assisting you with your purchasing decision.

Thank you. – Matt