C. weitzmani

Corydoras weitzmani “Two Saddle Cory”

Location: Madre de Dios, Peru

Temperature: 68-78

Size: 1.75-2”

Status: Breeding consistently


Corydoras weitzmani made its way into the hobby in 2003 after being lost due to a false location that was given with the original collection in the 1960’s. Since rediscovery they have made their way into the U.S. and across the globe. With the ease of breeding it is unlikely this fish will be lost again. A fun cory to work with, many breeders have different tales of success and failures. One thing that seems consistent among the stories is that they are notorious egg eaters. My solution to this is to segregate the sexes until conditioned and spawn them in pairs or reverse trios in small tanks. With this situation, the fish are too distracted with breeding and don’t have time for eating eggs.


More info: http://www.corydorasworld.com/knowledgebase/?p=204