Corydoras sp C120

Corydoras sp C120

Location: Madre de Dios, Peru

Temperature: 68-77

Size: 1.75-2”

Status: Breeding consistently


The C120 is a cory rarely encountered or discussed, a fun undemanding fish. Its patterning is similar to that of C. julii, but the size and placement of the spots is far more uniform and its location in the Madre de Dios is beyond the known range of C. julii. Being in the round nose group, breeding is fairly easy and straight forward. They will place eggs on almost any surface but seem to prefer narrow leaf stem plants or floating mops placed in the water flow. Condition with high protein pellets, such as earthworm or brine shrimp sticks. Black worms, cool water changes, especially during weather fronts, and increased current will almost definitely trigger a spawn.


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