C. sp CW023 – “Red Line”

Corydoras sp CW023 “CW014“Red Laser”

Location: Peru

Temperature: 70-78

Size: 2-2.5”

Status: Breeding consistently


Red Lasers are not as common or popular as the Green or Gold Lasers. The same species as CW014 it was originally given two different numbers because it was encountered on separate occasions on different colored substrates, the one on lighter more natural substrate was given CW023 and is most commonly used. It’s not uncommon for corys to change their base color based on dark substrate so to witness them nearest their natural appearance a sand substrate of natural color is recommended. Condition with high protein pellets, such as earthworm or brine shrimp sticks. Black worms, cool water changes, and increased current will almost definitely trigger a spawn.

More info: http://www.planetcatfish.com/common/species.php?species_id=1131