Frequently asked Questions:


How much is shipping?

In most cases during weather extremes (Summer Winter) and depending on the sensitivity of the fish being shipped, USPS Express Mail medium flat rate is the cheapest option available at $45 dollars. In the Midwest FedEx Ground may be an option. Check ship times from 60030. Less sensitive fish during mild temperatures Priority Mail flat rate is usually the most cost effective


What water parameters are you raising your…….. in?

Mentioned in several locations on the website. All my fish are hatched and raised in Great lakes tap water. The PH runs between 7.4-7.8 TDS is around 160-190

I’m looking for and adult pair or group of………?

As a breeder, selling sexed adult groups is counterproductive. On the off chance fish are raised to adult size they usually end up integrated back into my breeding program. Any adults available for purchase are noted on the stocklist.

Do you ship to Canada, Australia, Hawaii…. etc?

Currently I ship to the Continental USA only. For Canadian customers I will ship “Hold for Pickup” to a bordering United States Post Office.

Can’t you fit more fish per box/bag to save me on shipping?

I pack my fish as tightly as I am comfortable with and always do my best to stuff a box to what I feel is most effective without risking the fish. Remember these are Live Animals, hatched and raised by me. The health and comfort of the fish is a priority.