Ancistrus sp L279 Huacamayo Dwarf – NEW!

Ancistrus sp cf L279 Huacamayo 1″ airstone used to show adult size

Though no show stopper for looks, having a coloration similar to the common Ancistrus cf Cirrhosus its tiny 2.75” body and friendly personality will quickly get your attention. I currently have them breeding in a setup with my Hypancistrus L199. These guys are slightly smaller and far more active. The eggs are very small as are the fry in comparison to other Ancistrus species. They also seem to grow at a pace more typical of a Hypancistrus during early development. Breeding behavior is typical of Ancistrus species, utilizing a small cave and trapping the female. I should note, this is the first species I’ve worked with that has repeatedly guarded eggs while facing out.

NEW! $15 – In stock.