Hypancistrus sp L201  “Orinoco Angel”

Location: Upper Orinoco, Columbia Venezuela border

Temperature: 78-86

Size: 3.5-4.25”

Status: Spawning occasionally


The L201 is a excellent fish for those looking to expand their pleco collection and give Hypancistrus a try. A very attractive medium Hypancistrus at 4.25 inch. The L201 is one of the easier Hypancistrus to spawn, adults are more active during the day than some of the other Hypancistrus I keep. Fry on the other hand are more secretive and slow growing. My experience with this species as well as all Hypancistrus is the smaller and tighter the caves in relation to an adult male body the better for spawning. Each must have a territory to themselves or some aggression towards each other may occur. Feed all Hypancistrus species a varied diet containing high protein meat pellets with veggies being offered on occasion.

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