Hypancistrus sp L333 “Porto de Moz”

Location: Rio Xingu,  Brazil

Temperature: 78-88

Size: 4.5-6”

Status: Spawing consistantly

The L333 is distributed within the lower Amazon, most variants found spread throughout the Rio Xingu. Because of this, I highly recommend keeping the variants segregated until science can closer examine each location. Prices of the L333 have fallen to accommodate most pocket books due to the ease of breeding however, those with collection locations fetch higher prices for purists. The Porto de Moz variant is a gorgeous popular pleco sought after because of its collection location in the Rio Xingu. This fish is truly underappreciated for its beauty and daylight activities which are abnormal for most Hypans. Feed all Hypancistrus species a varied diet containing high protein meat pellets with veggies being offered on occasion.

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