The success of any self-funded business is not something that happens
overnight, NBM Aquatics has been a work in progress since the initial
launch in October of 2011. Changes, upgrades, ideas, trials and
tribulations have been the only constant. Without a strong support
structure, I would have lost confidence and motivation by now. I have a
small list of very close friends, and all these people have stood by me
through this journey. They have recognized, pushed, encouraged my passion
for aquatics: Kevin, Kristen, Brian, Dianne, Bruce and so many, many more.

My family for being my backbone when the funds were low or my confidence
was fading. I could never have done this without you.

Stacy, her support has been unmeasurable, regularly working in the
fishroom. Helping pack for and run the tables during most shows and
swaps. She constantly feeds the fish addiction, snagging up bargains on
tanks whenever she finds them. I’m sure when we met, she never planned on
becoming a fish geek. Words cannot describe my appreciation.

My dear friend Susan has supported me 100%, as both a friend and graphic
designer. She created the NBM Logo and a few ads for me. If you are ever
in need of a design project, she can be contacted at

Jeff Arsenault – for being my first guinea pig for shipping fish, and the
friendship that has developed since then.

Captain Bob Borger – for being one of my first customers, for his hard
work and dedication supplying me with some of the highest quality home
cooked aquatic foods available, and for being wonderful a friend.

Mark Barnett and for introducing me to a world of aquatic
treasures, beyond what’s locally available.

All the people at and
who are always there to help me solve problems and engage me in
stimulating conversations.

Since the website launch I have also met some new friends during this
journey and they have also supported me and offered advice or an ear to
bounce ideas off of. Rob, Ken, Larry AKA Apistofishguys, Marshal at
AqPKG, Barbie, Holly at HCA Aquatics, Rusty, Shelby, TT and many more.

Mr. Frank Falcone, the “Answer Man of Life” aka Coryologist, and in a past
life aka the GuppyMan® – for the incredible opportunity to make my dreams
a reality, for your support and encouragement, your hard work and
dedication, your patience, and most of all, your friendship. You are,
without a doubt, the most misunderstood person on the planet. 🙂

But most of all I want to thank all my customers, past, present and future.
© 2013 NBM Aquatics – Matt Schauer . . . . . Contact Me